Wildlife and Nature Stock Footage

by Wildlife Filmmaker Jens Klingebiel


Footage Agencies

Full HD Wildlife and Nature Stock Footage in Apple ProRes 4:2:2

If you need footage in best quality - Apple ProRes 4:2:2 - just ask my directly. You can find me also in all big footage agencies. But my footage is there only in 75% quality h264. So if you need more for a commercial, TV or cinema - just give me a short message!

Pond 5 stock footage

Pond 5 is one of my important stock footage agencies. There you find nearly all I have! More than 11.000 high quality HD or 4K and wonderful slow motion clips! Just take a look!


Shutterstock is one of my best stock footage agencies. They offer more than 10.000 high quality HD or 4K and wonderful slow motion clips! Just take a look!


My Framepool portfolio is growing slowly but there you find a lot of very good footage in best quality. They offer my footage in apple prores 4:2:2.


I´m working as a freelancer. My stock footage is used in big commercials, TV documentaries and cinema productions. You constantly need high quality footage (stock video) for your projects. On this website you will find a huge range of wildlife films and nature films, which can be used as so-called stock footage for use in other film projects, advertising, TV or Websites.

Your Advantage buying from wildlife filmmaker Jens Klingebiel

I have a really big portfolio of high quality stock footage in full HD, 4K and HD-slow motion. Just ask me - I´m sure I can help you!

Who belongs to my customers?

Krombacher Brauerei, Germany - TV Commercial 2016
ZDF Planet e - TV Documentary
Der Anblick - TV Commerial Austria
and many other...

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