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Full HD Wildlife and Nature Stock Footage in Apple ProRes 4:2:2

If you need footage in best quality - Apple ProRes 4:2:2 - just ask my directly. You can find me also in all big footage agencies. But my footage is there only in 75% quality h264. So if you need more for a commercial, TV or cinema - just give me a short message!

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I´m working as a freelancer. My stock footage is used in big commercials, TV documentaries and cinema productions. You constantly need high quality footage (stock video) for your projects. On this website you will find a huge range of wildlife films and nature films, which can be used as so-called stock footage for use in other film projects, advertising, TV or Websites.

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I have a really big portfolio of high quality stock footage in full HD, 4K and HD-slow motion. Just ask me - I´m sure I can help you!

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Krombacher Brauerei, Germany - TV Commercial 2016
ZDF Planet e - TV Documentary
Der Anblick - TV Commerial Austria
and many other...

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Filmmakers as nature's ambassadors How unique projects become accessible to the general public Suddenly a beak comes into the picture. Bird friends recognize him as follows: It is a crane. He bends down, seeming to approach the audience. Then it becomes recognizable - the camera is hidden inside an egg and the crane is just getting ready to continue her breeding business.
With images like these, modern nature filmmakers want to contribute to environmental and animal protection. "We see ourselves as ambassadors for nature," says Robin Jähne from Detmold. He and his colleague Jens Klingebiel are experienced animal filmmakers and are often asked for various film projects. Many rare and shy animals were already in front of the camera. At the moment, a special film genre is particularly interesting: "The image film for a natural topic or project," explains Jens Klingebiel. "For this, there is a need for absolute specialists. Because behind such a project hides far more than a nice recording of forests and landscapes. Especially the rare animal species, which are in the areas, can only be skilfully represented by few filmmaker. This requires a thorough knowledge of the respective animal species and requires a great deal of experience, "says the filmmaker from Twistetal." The experience also comes with a special technique, which makes the recording possible. "We want to ensure that the animals are experienced for the spectator up close, but are not disturbed by us - because that is the only way to demonstrate authentic behavior - and that is what matters to us" so Jähne. To this end, even special technology is developed, which makes it possible to position cameras only a few centimeters from the animal. The cameras are remotely controlled at a greater distance - this is how grandiose shots of rare and shy animals, such as black stork, shale falcons in Oman, owls or red kites come. The recordings of the two animal filmmakers can be found in various television documentaries and film productions. Klingebiel has made a name for itself primarily as a supplier for international film productions and advertising. In 2016 one could see impressive pictures in the Krombacher campaign. Robin Jähne, together with colleague Sarah Herbort, has been awarded international film journeys for the documentary "The Year of the Red Kite" and is shooting for clients all over the world.
The concept is coming up: Currently, the two animal filmmakers are in the final work on their image film about the Nordvorpommersche Waldlandschaft. More of the animal filmmakers are available at www.tierfilmer.info and www.robinjaehne.de