I´m working as a freelancer ( producer of documentaries for television, corporate video producer, producer of educational films and everyone else, producer of royalty free full HD stock footage videos), you constantly need high quality footage (stock video) for your projects. On this website you will find a huge range of wildlife films and nature films, which can be used as so-called stock footage for use in other film projects, advertising, TV or Websites. You will also find own film productions by myself, be used for waiting room TV in doctors’ offices or on information screens in travel agency.

Your Advantage buying from wildlife filmmaker Jens Klingebiel

You dont have to send a camera crew to northern Sweden to film reindeer or search in the Dovrefjell in Norway to locate the wild musk oxen. Just buy the footage you want from me. I try to provide a wide a range of interesting films to be ready for you. If you need some stock footage films, then just tell me. I’ll try to shoot the film as fast as possible.

Who am I?

I am a 42 year old career changer who has achieved a lifelong dream. After studying economics, in which I have still not found the real sense, I have worked for years with my own company in software development. I brought this company to a stock company. By a grand mistake, I walked it into the clutches of the financial industry. That was not what I imagined of my life. I have prepared for years to make my hobby into a profession. Today I am living my dream. I spend my time in places that never fail to impress me deeply and I film with great passion our admirable creatures.

Who belongs to my customers?

To my clients include anyone who needs wildlife films and nature films for their own projects. Filmmakers who produce documentaries about the wildlife and nature of Scandinavia, producers of educational films for schools and universities. Operators who wish to bring their customers the fantastic landscapes of the destinations. Online encyclopedias or information websites. Practices that employ my films for their practice TV, advertising agencies and many many others.

my Stock Footage Service

I know my stock footage videos and can quickly find the movies that could be interesting for you. Before you even have to spend hours looking through my large selection of about 6,000 movies, you send me just the sequences you need . I will send you to a good selection of high quality clips by link.

Personal Info

Stock Footage

Best Footage in Full HD (video stock) of wildlife animal and nature available in Apple ProRes 10bit 4:2:2


You need somebody who is specialized in filming wildlife animal or for a documentary, imagefilm or commercial? Please send me your message!

up in the air

spectacular landscape and nature films by drone filming Please send me your message!

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

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These terms and conditions apply to the sale of royalty-free videos by and and all the related packages and services. All videos offered by Wildlife-Stockfootage (on disk or transmitted electronically) are protected by copyright and remain the property of Jens Klingebiel. Customers of and will not own the videos. Customers will get a license to use the videos according to the license terms below. No other fees or license costs Jens Klingebiel as author of all offered videos has the sole right to exploit the video recordings. Jens Klingebiel in not member of any exploitation society, there are no additional fees or licensing costs. All rights of use and exploitation are exercised by the author. Acquisition and range of rights Upon full payment of the one-time royalties the customer acquires a simple and non-transferable right to use the video recordings. Rights of exploitation or ownership are not transferred with the right of use. The video recordings may be used only within the customer’s chosen license categories, which are described below: Examples of how to use our Non-Profit Licenses: Non-Profit License: Screen in waiting-room, eye catcher exhibition stand, screen in a travel agency Examples of how to use our Profit Licenses: Profit License 1: Agencies for waiting-room TV, info screens in public places,Fitness centers or medical group practices with multiple media,Travel agencies or supermarket chains with up to 100 media License group “Non-Profit” or “Profit” (Commercial use) The license groups “Profit” and “Non-Profit” differ primarily in the commercial use. You have to order the license “Profit”, if you intend to realise a profit with the public presentation of videos. This is always the case whenever the maintenance of the media is part of your business, such as agencies for info-screens. Media for the purposes of this License Agreement Media according to this license agreement are for example websites, projection screens or similar screens of any kind. Excluded usage for all license groups The videos offered by and must not be disseminated through public television via satellite, public cable television or pay-television. Any kind of integration into films or documentaries by TV-broadcasters requires a special agreement in writing. Also excluded is any form of reproduction, transmission or sale of the delivered videos. If the acquired videos are embedded in own projects, the customer is authorized to reproduce and distribute these projects, depending to the acquired type of license. The integration into projects, which serve as competitive products to, is prohibited. It is also prohibited to integrate our videos into own projects in a way which suggests that the copyright of our videos is the property of the customer himself. Uses in association with projects that violate national or international laws, racist, unconstitutional or violence-glorifying content are expressly prohibited. Use on web sites The right to integrate videos into a web site is only available if the customer takes all necessary steps to prevent saving (download) of the video and if the web site is owned by the customer. Transmission to third parties for their web sites is excluded. Contractual penalty In case of unauthorized use of our videos or use which is not in compliance with the license a penalty has to be paid for each individual case, subject to further claims. The penalty is three times the stated fee for the use of the license group which would have been appropriate. Backup copies Backup copies are permitted only for personal use and for safeguarding the original files. Certification of approval Upon full payment, the customer receive an approval certificate for using the acquired videos within the selected category of license. The approval certificate is part of the invoice and valid only with the invoice. An upgrade to the next highest category of license is possible at any time. Please feel free to contact us! The approval certificate and the associated license are not transferable to other private or legal persons. All prices are final prices excluding mailing expenses. Due to our business status acc. § 19 UStG we don’t charge VAT tax, therefore VAT tax is not shown in our invoice. Our Jens Klingebiel Videos are offered in different types of licenses. Read more in terms of licenses. Pricing per minute: Non-Profit Licence 30,00 $ Profit License 59,00 $ The price calculation is based on the video length. Of course the shown logo at the end of the videos is not included in the price and not part of the delivered videos. “Special Offer” or “Top-Movies” are different to the basic price. In this case the video is marked accordingly. Production of to your specification: (Video editing service) Due to the significant additional work we invoice 20% extra charge to the basic price. This additional charge has to be paid before work starts. This service is only available for Jens Klingebiel Videos with duration of more than 10 minutes, in license group “Profit” from 5 minutes.